Do the MG Cell Gateways require a MX?

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Do the MG Cell Gateways require a MX?

A client needs a cellular connection as their primary as the ADSL is unusable. They use other network equipment including their firewall. Can I deploy a single MG to a new Org without any MX behind it? Anything features or functionality lost if you don't have a MX?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That works fine. 


Kind of a big deal

Things missing or different from an MX:

  • No content filtering, IPS, etc.
  • DHCP on the LAN side can only be from a /29 to a /26.  You can not have a /24.  So this limits the number of clients.
  • No traffic shapping, firewall rules or group policy

This is what the menu under the cellular gateway looks like:



This is what it looks like under an MX:



You'll notice there are a lot of menu items missing ...

Kind of a big deal

If you are going to plug their firewall into the MG, it should be fine.

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