Connecting MG to Cisco Router for WAN back-up


Connecting MG to Cisco Router for WAN back-up

I am attempting to connect an MG21E to a cisco router WAN port for a WAN backup. I've set up the MG to hand out DHCP to the Cisco router, however, the Cisco router is not seeing the MG, nor is it getting a DHCP address. The WAN port on the Cisco router was configured for DHCP but also tested under static configuration as well. After attempting both setups neither device is seeing one another. The dashboard shows the port on the MG connected and negotiating fine, but the device doesn't show up as a client

Kind of a big deal

Hi @MPointer 


Never tried this setup but you state the Router can’t see the MG?  Is your layer 1 good? Does it bring up the connection between both devices?  What does a show ip int brief show you on the ISR? Or show interface status on the WAN port?  

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Kind of a big deal

If you plug in a plain ordinary notebook to the MG21 does it work?

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