user account restriction

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user account restriction

Is there a restriction on how many devices an end user can simultaneously have online using the same userid.

We have MX600 appliances and MR42 APs deployed advertising 3 or 4 SSID's.

We create a user account for a specifc SSID and would like to know how many devices that user could have simultaneously online using the same account credentials.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are you using RADIUS and WPA2-Enterprise mode?


If so, it is up to the RADIUS server.  It decides who is allowed to connect or not and what those conditions are.

Hi Philip, Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

Access to the SSID in question is controlled by the Meraki cloud using Enterprise with Meraki Cloud Authentication.




I've hunted around looking for info stating that there is a maximum number of concurrent sessions associated with this method of access but cannot find any docs on the subject.

Is this question best directed to Meraki support? 

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