......network has become unreachable from the Meraki cloud

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......network has become unreachable from the Meraki cloud

Hi All,


Please assist, what could be the cause of my repeater ups and downs as from the screenshot below.







Here to help

It looks like it's not communicating with the Cloud, but is there any information left in Network> Event log?


Might want to show the event logs to see what caused the issue. 🙂


Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Looks like the AP is losing cloud connectivity due to poor signal quality for the mesh link. Are you able to move the repeater closer to the gateway AP to see if it stabilizes? That or maybe tweak how the external antennas are attached to make sure they have a direct line of sight with the gateway AP. If you can't move anything, Meraki support will at least be able to confirm if my theory is true so it's worth opening up a case with them. 

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