mr42 lights

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mr42 lights

hi all,


I have an mr42 that has previously worked.  I tried a factory reset by holding the tiny button in for several seconds.


after that, when attempting to boot I get a steady orange light followed by the rotating rainbow lights, then back to steady orange at which point the lights on the ethernet port go dark.


am I dealing with a failure?  any tips on recovering this thing?

Zane D - IT Manager in Sin City NV
Kind of a big deal

Is it claimed and added to a network?


Kind of a big deal

Are you able to plug a notebook into the Ethernet port that it connects to and access the Internet ok?

Kind of a big deal

Usually you'll get the orange light when it can't find the gateway. Does it pick up a DHCP address?

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Last time I had an orange light on my Meraki AP it was dead..........

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