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meraki mr 16

help with the firmware burned to flash memory bought new,now need to find the firmware or a backup,please help

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Hi @akkymylator 


Could you please explain in detail?


All the details for MR Devices are available on Dashboard at

Organization > Firmware Upgrades.



The flash memory burned, I bought a new one, now in order for the access point to work, you need to write the firmware from the router or backup to the USB flash drive.
So you need a backup firmware or firmware on the meraki mr-16 access point

Hi @akkymylator 


If there are issues with Hardware. MR 16 comes with lifetime warranty.

I understand the better idea shall be to RMA the hardware.


For Firmware updates we can push this from the Dashboard. I do not see a need for backup / restore.


the fact is that the device came to me with it and I would like to restore it, but I have no license for it

You need a licence for Meraki hardware. 


If this is a replacement for an MR16 that has a licence, you can simply add the serial to the organisation and plug it into any router. Iit doesn't need to be onsite/plugged into the network to upgrade the firmware etc. It will pull all the settings from the dashboard. 

@akkymylator wrote:
the fact is that the device came to me with it and I would like to restore it, but I have no license for it

The device will not function without a current active licence.  There is nothing you can do with the firmware to make it work without a licence.  There is nothing you can restore to make it work without a licence.

Kind of a big deal

Not exactly sure what you need but my recommendation would be reset the device. Then allow it re-provision/config from the dashboard. If that doesn't happen contact support (will require a valid MR license)


Factory Reset Button
If the button is pressed and held for at least five seconds and then released, the MR16 will reboot and be
restored to its original factory settings by deleting all configuration information stored on the unit.

The fact is that I put on it a new flash memory, absolutely empty

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