linux wpa_supplicant client getting "previous authentication expired"


linux wpa_supplicant client getting "previous authentication expired"

This isn't a production device making it not worth raising a ticket over this with meraki support. I have a sheevaplug with a wifi USB dongle running archlinux & wpa_supplicant, mostly for testing reasons. It is configured to connect to a WPA-PSK protected SSID being transmitted from a MR42 running firmware 27.6.

The error messages I get are different at each end

  • wpa_supplicant reports "reason 2=prev_auth_not_valid"
  • whereas the meraki dashboard reports "eapol_timeout"

For reference, the signal rating is -55dbm or thereabouts when I perform this testing. Connecting to an open network from the exact same MR42 works without issue. 802.11r is turned off, as is band steering & 802.11w

Has anyone else encountered this?

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