Wireless LAN Simulator

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Wireless LAN Simulator

I am looking to build my technical hands-on experience, and I need your advice for a simulator (affordable) to start doing some basic Cisco wireless configuration and troubleshooting.

Jeff Rensink from Network Dojo is an awesome person who does have different videos on YouTube, but I would like to find something small and as a startup to begin with and by the time I can expand/build till I reach with a full setup on my lab physically.
Right now, I need a simulator for Wireless solutions/scenarios.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @barkbomes9 if you mean Cisco Aironet/Catalyst Wireless LAN Controller simulators, you might want to also sign up and post your question on the Cisco Community here https://community.cisco.com/t5/wireless-mobility/ct-p/4931-wireless-mobility  and also have a look here http://networksims.com/index_wlc.htm and perhaps some others will share their recommendations as well.


The best way, if possible, is to get some actual equipment into your lab, but that can get expensive based on your budget.  You can typically find very cheap controllers and APs for sale online but keep in mind they might be very old and not even be able run the latest firmware, in which case it might be great for a lab deployment but not ideal for studying and practicing on the latest code with the latest features.

Hope that helps and good luck!


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What in particular are you wanting to simulate? 


Configuring devices, traffic, or something else?

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