Win10 detected as "other" OS - MR33


Win10 detected as "other" OS - MR33



Using MR33 AP that detected the OS of a Dell Latitude 33990 2 and 1 as an "Other OS" and not Windows 10 (which the Dell unit is).  Any experience with why the MR33 is detecting as "Other"?  I don't see in the Meraki dashboard where I can change the OS value for this client.  Should I be able to do this?






Kind of a big deal

I know you can get detailed info from MDM side but it takes a best guess effort for OS whatever is connecting to it. For example I have a user that has a Macbookl and the OS is Apple Windows 8 because he has vmware installed. I believe there isn't an option to change the OS type and you can try to flag an inaccurate device type but I'm not sure that even changes.  

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If often bases this information on the DHCP request and observed http requests.  Perhaps it hasn't seen any of this type of traffic, or perhaps something is confusing it.


Some general info:

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