WiFi 6E

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WiFi 6E

Hello Meraki,


are the actual WiFi6 devices able to use the coming WiFi 6E?

If not, how long do we have to wait for 6E devices? For that I can postpone my orders for the coming 6E standart.


I know, it´s a standart which is not finished now, but Broadcom and Qualcomm are just producing WiFi 6E compatible chips.


thank you

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

No. There there will be new models for that.

When.. i wish i knew. They dont share roadmaps/timelines

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Meraki won´t get my money until I know 😉
Kind of a big deal

@redsector wrote:
Meraki won´t get my money until I know 😉

Sorry to say that, but Meraki will not start to panic now ... 😉

me too 😅

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I too am waiting before upgrading. We have 2x MR52, but need a third AP to cover a blackspot in our new office. 


I'm planning to get 3x MR?? that are 6E and move the MR52s to one of our staff's home. 


There are rumours that the iPhone 13 will have a 6E chip. But for now, there are too few devices, so you may have to wait a while. 

A little early for 6E devices from the large makers yet.  The spectrum was just allowed for unlicensed use a few months ago (FCC in the USA, at least) and there are no business class devices or infrastructure using it yet.  Even with WiFi Alliance doesn't mention it yet: https://www.wi-fi.org/discover-wi-fi


I would guess around 18 months until it even becomes worth considering.  Since it uses a whole new spectrum I would guess it will be expensive because you will need three or more radios to stay backwards compatible with 802.11ax and below.  


The only WiFi 6E claiming device I could find is this monstrosity 🙂





6E products access points won't be out for probably another 6 to 12 months at least (from any vendor), for actual sale (I know there are some beta tests going on currently though). And even then those will be the bleeding edge first gen units, and do you really want to be the guy that takes the beach?  Anyone here not remember the MR45/55 debacle?


Clients I believe I've seen some Intel chips that are currently being beta tested, but those are probably also another 12 months out. Then the drivers, good lord I can only imagine how many issues and bugs they'll have.


Realistically, your looking at least another 24 months before there are a healthy choice of access points and clients that support 6GHz.  If your desperate I'm sure you can get your hands on stuff in the next 12 months, but I'm not in any rush to discover the plethora of issues that will come with it. In the lab sure, but not in production 😃


*EDIT: These are my opinions, not facts based on any hard evidence, other than historical.

Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com
Kind of a big deal

I highly doubt it.

Kind of a big deal

Also worth considering is that so far as I'm aware the USA is the only jurisdiction that has so far approved the use of the new spectrum required for 6E. And, yes, I'll admit that this is one big market but the rest of the world is bigger. It may be that some manufacturers wait a while to see what other jurisdictions do to ensure there is some consistency before they make big investments.

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i spoke to Meraki about this and their multigig capability and wifi accomodated standard as i have to do a 5yr lifecycle for site deployments for up and coming projects.


Currently multigig capability (theoretical is just under 5 gig even though multi gig 10 is out there).


So where am i going ? there are always technologies in the pipeline. Multigig throughput and anything beyond wifi 6 there are no current products planning to be released in the near future.



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