Warehouse deployment


Warehouse deployment

I'm looking at a warehouse deployment and am concerned mainly with aisle coverage. It consists of 12 aisles about 175 ft long and roughly 240 ft across. Shelves are about 28 ft high with ceilings around 30-35 ft high and are primarily electronic equipment storage. Client devices are primarily hand scanners and density shouldn't be very high but coverage should roughly cover the aisles top to bottom.


I'm thinking of ceiling mounting 2x MR43E with the MA-ANT-3-E5 (wide patch) about 90 ft apart on each aisle in a staggered layout. I've also considered mounting the antennas to point down the aisles from each end as well but am not sure what option would be ideal. I'm wondering if the antenna choice and density seems appropriate given the circumstances.


Thank you

Kind of a big deal

That seems about right from a theoretical perspective. For 30ft height the half power circle on the floor would have radius 51 ft.


But I'd do a site survey instead of blindly just trying to hit the mark.


I've seen both options work successfully.

Kind of a big deal

"It consists of 12 aisles about 175 ft long and roughly 240 ft across"

Do you have a floor plan by chance?

I can't seem to visualize what that looks like. The 240 feet across part confuses me.
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Kind of a big deal

We've done several similar-sounding warehouses at my company.


Please, get a site survey before you buy a single thing. Those hand scanners are finicky as heck normally, and your shelf contents can do a number on signal. You will save money in the long run by getting a survey and properly planning now.


Learn from my pain.


Also, double-check what the temperatures are like in the area where you want to hang these APs. We had a client have to send back indoor-rated APs and purchase outdoor-rated APs to handle the temperature extremes near their ceilings.


I don't have any floorplans readily available but here is a quick mock up to help with the visualization. According to the MA-ANT-3-E5 datasheet the half power beamwidth is 60 degrees. I keep getting a coverage radius of around 17ft but I may be doing the math wrong. I do plan to look into having a site survey done on the location but I want to get a rough idea of the equipment cost beforehand. Also, good tip about the temperatures I didn't take that into consideration.




Hey @Andreww ,


Just curious where you ended up here? I am in a similar scenario and trying to decide between down tilt or otherwise.



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