WPA3 Transition mode

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WPA3 Transition mode

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What was your experience with moving from WPA2 to WPA3?  I'm reading that other admins had trouble with some clients with WPA3 only.  


Selecting Transition mode seems better/more secured than just using WPA2 for all clients.


How was the transition for your organization?



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 took the transition mode, so can clients which are not able for WPA3 use WPA2

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Last I read about transition mode there had been issues using it due to poor client drivers? That may have cleared up with more recent releases but last year it seemed that way at least.


Likely you'll see a lot people leave Wi-Fi 5/6 SSIDs on WPA2 only and utilise WPA3 only on Wi-Fi 6E SSIDs as 6E capable clients have a mandatory WPA3 compatibility requirement

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