Using OTP for ssid authentication

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Using OTP for ssid authentication

Hi, is it possible to configure the requirement for sms OTP or microsoft authenticator OTP in order to connect to a specific ssid?

I could not find any related documents, correct me if i'm wrong, in my understanding, it is currently not supported for Israel area?

Kind of a big deal

You are probably talking about the splash page and not 802.1X? I am not aware of any restrictions, but if there are any based on your location, at least your own RADIUS-server can react in any way that you prefer.

Kind of a big deal

Depending on your location, you can simply configure this in the Meraki portal for guest users. 


If this is for a WPA2-Enterprise mode network - no one does this.  Every time you roam you would need to re-do your MFA.  It would be very annoying.

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