Using 802.1x Authentication

Kind of a big deal

Using 802.1x Authentication

I'm looking at setting up 802.1x using a Windows 2012 server however it doesn't like any users credentials. I've followed the documentation and have this working with another network thats using 802.1x using a cloud based directory service.


If I point a different vendors controller at the same W2012 server it works as expected, is there anything special I need to do to get this to work?
Kind of a big deal

2012 ... You are aware which year we are heaving now? 😉

Back to topic, Have you done a capture of your RADIUS-communication to see if there is any hint? At lest you will see if the NPS sends back an answer like an Access-Reject. And you see if you are matching on any attributes that are not in the request.

Kind of a big deal

Hey @BlakeRichardson, I remember setting up NPS once on a Windows Server (could well have been 2012 box) and there was a service that needed starting to get it to respond to 802.1x requests. I can't remember which one exactly it was, but it only seemed partially relevant, may have been something like an 802.1x client service or something.

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