User unable to connect to a specific wireless MR33

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User unable to connect to a specific wireless MR33

Hello team,

Kindly assist how to resolve a user who is unable to connect to a specific access point but able to connect to others after relocating to another access point in the same location. Below is the failure reason on the logs:
reason='eapol_timeout' radio='1' vap='2' channel='48' rssi='33'

Kind of a big deal

Are you using WPA2-Enterprise mode?  Can the AP talk to your RADIUS server?  Is the AP authorised in the RADIUS server?

I am using WPA2 encryption. Yes the AP can talk to the radius server since other users are able to authenticate to the radius server on that AP. Only a single user in unable to connect.



The 802.11w is enabled:





I have just enabled right now. It was disabled.

Kind of a big deal

Is the 802.11w enabled? Can you share the SSID configuration?

The 802.11w is disabled as shown below:



Can you share all configurations on SSID?

Also, check what @PhilipDAth asked for you.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If its just 1 client then i would start checking if the client device wifi driver is on the latest version

I tried to uninstall & reinstall latest wifi driver adapters but it didn't resolve.

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