Updated network with MR42E to 26.6.1 causes network outtages with WLAN-Bridges -Summary Thread-

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Updated network with MR42E to 26.6.1 causes network outtages with WLAN-Bridges -Summary Thread-

Hi all,


we updated one network with mainly MR42E to 26.6.1 and since then the customer faces serious issues in their warehouse. The support told me, that there is nothing obvious, that could cause this. We rolled back the firmware, what actually didn´t happen, so it is basically not working to roll back.... Anyways, by accident i was scrolling through the entries in this forum and found other users with similar issues. So I decided to make a summary thread for this.


I believe it is impacting certain devices, maybe with certain chipsets or capabilities. Maybe it is mainly related to 2,4GHZ. At least the "Panzer" WLAN Bridges that are beinged used are impacted. We see lots of Auto Channel changes and clients are unreachable for some time. The phenomena is there from time to time. Sometimes Printjobs sent to these bridges take up to 10minutes.


Other threads with similiar issues on 26.6.1:







I now decided to go to v26.7. Lets see, if the RC Stable candidate works better than the stable one.

Kind of a big deal

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. Moving to 26.7 is what I was going to suggest, so please keep us posted on your results.
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

Not a problem...

As I now have the feedback from the customer, the problem is solved since activating v26.7.

Hopefully this is helpful for some of you.
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