TLS Support in Meraki AP to connect to LDAP when using Local Auth

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TLS Support in Meraki AP to connect to LDAP when using Local Auth

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I tried to configure the local auth in the Meraki AP with password authentication, so we configure the LDAP Servers in the local auth to verify the AD username and password. But the authentication test in the LDAP configuration failed, and it said no response from LDAP server.

 LDAP Test.png


Then I do packet capture to see what's wrong, and I found that the AP negotiate the LDAP server with SSL only, but those ciphers are disabled in the LDAP and only TLS1.2 is supported. So anyone know it is by design or how to change it to support TLS (I use LDAP browser to connect with the LDAPs and do packet capture, and the result is success and can see TLS1.2 negotiated.


LDAP Capture.png


At last, I found that the local auth with password authentication cannot support with WPA2 only. Is it by design too?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I follow this KB for the local auth authentication.

I suggest you to open a case with Meraki team support.

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