Support MR76 and MA-ANT-27

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Support MR76 and MA-ANT-27

The local supplier installed some MR 76 APs for us, but they seem to have installed it wrong with the MR74, the antenna wire they installed is as shown in the attached picture, I know they installed it wrong. But the number of APs is quite large and on the high side they say it's okay to install because we only used 2.4GHz at first,
Will such installation have any effect on the broadcast quality, I find the coverage is not good893dac0d0875c32b9a64.jpg

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That is quite obviously a wrong way to attach the antenna. 

You might see 2.4 and 5 GHz transmitting, but performance will be impacted.



I am quite sure that support would confirm this a not supported scenario.

You would need two antennas per AP.

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@antonis_sp is right - this is absolutely not the way to do it.   The ANT-27 is fine, in general, but you'd need two of them and you need to point them in the same direction.

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Yes, We are planning to reinstall the antenna

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Also if you're only using one antenna make sure you are not running dual band on these AP's.

And to avoid moisture problems get waterproof metal caps to cover your open N-type ports.

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