Splash page: accept box for SMS authentication

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Splash page: accept box for SMS authentication

Hi. I have a custom theme derived from Modern for SMS authentication. I'm wondering if there is a way to add a checkbox for accepting the policy before submitting the phone number.


The form is encapsulated in the following div:


<div id="signin_form" class="formarea form_links">


but there is no way to modify its behavior through the editor since you can't upload any JS.


How can I do?

Kind of a big deal

Hi , 


On the splash page you can select ''User consent'' to show consent message to simply insert a check box : 





Also the documentation states what html tags and attributes can be used : https://documentation.meraki.com/General_Administration/Cross-Platform_Content/Customizing_the_Splas...


Thanks , 


Unfortunately, the user consent you mentioned is not displayed on the SMS auth page, even if it is properly set.

Hi @floatingpurr  did you find any solution to this ? My customer wants exactly the same setup i.e ability to consent before entering the phone number.

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