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Splash Screen Feedback

I've been experimenting with different marketing tools for a few customers to see what collects the best data and is the easiest to use. I wanted to get the communities feedback, since it's really hard to differentiate the marketing partners. My goal was to get the best analytics data to do target marketing campaigns. The biggest challenge by far was trying to append a user identity to a mac address. For privacy purposes the only way I could accomplish this was social media login. I've tried the following:


Socifi: Super easy to use. I like the idea of how they charge. The splash screen was easy to make and looked good on every device I tested. The drawback was the lack of support for Facebook login. I would assume that would be the most common social media method to use.

Cloud4Wi: They give a nice pilot period to test with. I like the dashboard and the customer database. The drawback was on the user experience side. Once I turned it on, everyone stopped using wifi. It was a three step process, which putting myself in the customer shoes, two steps to get on wifi is too many. 

Facebook wifi: Obviously the easiest, but jeeze. Facebook gives you zero data. I've been using it for over a month, and every time I click on the "insights" it tells me there is insufficient data. 


I'm just curious to hear what has worked for others. Any thoughts?

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In my opinion, the best player in this market is Splash Access,


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Re: Splash Screen Feedback

We have customers who use - https://purple.ai/. Great for social media splash page access and targeted marketing.

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