Speedtest on Meraki very low


Speedtest on Meraki very low

Hi All


I'm having a problem with Meraki Mr33. I have 3 Meraki mr33 for 80 users. But recently, when one user has to download a file on the internet, our network interrupts immediately, I can't even ping to gateway. After that, I can see speed test on Meraki is very low (19Mbps/ download), while test by cable is 80 Mbps.

Link speed up to 1G and nice distance.

Please help 


Thank you


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What band is the client on?

Any info in the wireless heath?

No duplex mismatch between switch/ap?


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@GiapCuong has anything changed to cause this?


  • New firmware on MR33s or any other devices on the network (switches, firewalls etc.)
  • Client software update
  • Client driver update


What are the clients, Windows 10 laptops with Intel 8260 chipsets etc.?


What model(s) of switch, firewall etc. are you using? 


@cmr  latest version 27.5

I connected directly AP to FortiGate firewall and sure that driver always update

Client are windows 10, we have a lot laptop with different chipset 


I run dual ban, same duplex  and heath over 95%


Kind of a big deal

To be clear - you are saying only a single user has this issue?


If so, it won't be the network, it will be the user.

Start up updating their WiFi drivers.  Power saving can often cause issues so try plugging the machine into AC power and see if the issue still happens.  Could be antivirus on the user's machine.

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Hey GiapCuong!


There have been some great comments by other community members so far, but I also just want to let you know that if you're using the Dashboard throughput tool it can give you potentially unreliable data. 


More info on why can be found in this doc: 



To summarize. The dashboard throughput test can show lower speeds than you'd expect because it uses Meraki management traffic, which has the lowest priority compared to your production network traffic. Also, it's only testing throughput to the Meraki cloud, which may be different from your actual client throughput out to the internet. 


What results do you get if you just run a normal throughput test using something public like speedof.me on a wireless client?



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Thanks All,

I replace the current AP with another, It seems ok. 

Thank for your suggestion all


Thank you


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