Speed from MR to MX

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Speed from MR to MX

Hi, I have a doubt.

I tried to performed a speed test from my laptop connected to my meraki ssid to the security appliance local page and I`m just having 30Mbps. If I connect my laptop wired to the same switch that my MR33 is connected I`ve got 75+ Mbps to my local page. I have whitelisted my device either wired and wireless to avoid traffic shaping from my policies.


Also in my security appliance I put the security appliance per client limit speed "unlimited".


I`d like to know why!




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Is it the Meraki throughput test you run?


If yes, try read this acticle 



"The throughput test live tool available on Cisco Meraki devices in Dashboard is just designed to test data throughput to Dashboard. It is not meant to accurately test the speed an Internet/WAN link is capable of."

No. I´m performing a local speed test just to test speed in my LAN, It is not to the Internet
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Could be a combination of things. First the local status page speedtests are limited, so you actually want to perform an iPerf test to see real throughput.

Second, your on wireless, so you might just be hitting interference. Are you on 2.4GHz or 5GHz? Check your channel, try a DFS since they are 'usually' less noisy.
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

Yes, Actually this SSID is broadcasting in a place where we don´t have Neighboors or something that affect my signal. Actually we don´t have cellular signal haha

What is the specific make/model of the wireless card on your laptop?
What channel and channel-width do you have configured on your MR33?
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com
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