Seeking some help with Meraki AP network setup

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Seeking some help with Meraki AP network setup

We need a separate wireless network for AV equipment from our standard internal wifi. This separate network will contain a few devices that need internet access, but most clients on it will only need to see each other, not go out.


I have a single MR46 AP set up to broadcast an SSID specifically for this network but no clients can IP addresses from the AP. The AP is currently set in bridged mode and should be getting IPs from our local DHCP server, but that is not happening even though everything looks set from what I can tell.


(Another angle: when set in NAT mode, the Meraki APs automatically give out a 10 address. Is there a way we can possibly change the IP ranges that the Meraki AP gives to match the IP scheme of our AV network?


Thanks for any help you can provide.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

For this new SSID is the bridged VLAN allowed on the upstream switchport and anywhere along the path to reach the DHCP server?


And no, you cannot change the scope used for the Meraki NAT mode. It's hardcoded to use

Hi Ryan. Thanks for your response. We use Layer 3 HP switches and I have added VLAN 17 to the switch (which the Meraki AP MR46 is directly connected at the moment). The VLAN setting explicitly points to the local DHCP server. I am fine with removing VLAN tagging, for now, to see if that is the reason it is not working. I would have to change it to VLAN 0 right?

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