Secure guest printing strategies


Secure guest printing strategies

Hi folks - we normally maintain a secured internal SSID which contains servers, printers, etc. and to which only authorized corporate machines and users are given access.  We maintain the standard commodity guest SSID which uses Meraki DHCP for addressing and explicitly denies access to the corporate LAN segment.  Works great.


However, we are more and more asked to allow guests (actually, transient workers from other offices usually) to print to printers located on the LAN segment.  Is there a solid roadmap to solve for this?  It's not ideal to just move printers to the guest SSID as these are usually ultra expensive devices.


Group policies?  Separate SSID from the commodity internet access 'Guest' SSID?  Looking for ideas and things that you have used successfully.  Very much appreciate your time.



Kind of a big deal

A number of the printer manufacturing companies have implemented when might be generically referred to as e-printing. Effectively, one creates an email and attaches the document to be printed to the email. The printer is assigned an email address, and on receipt of the email, the attachment is printed.


It works even when everybody concerned is non-technical.


Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

OK not a bad idea.  Appreciate the response, I'll look into whether these printers can handle that.  I'd imagine some can and some can't based on age and capabilities.

Without knowing the topology of your network its hard to suggest anything. Does your man LAN and guest network use the same gateway or do they use different hardware i.e. physically sperated?

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