SSIDs with spaces


SSIDs with spaces

Has anyone had trouble recently with SSIDs with spaces (that have been working for years) that stop working for internet access? Meaning the clients gets a valid IP address but can't get to the internet. MR33s with MR 27.7.1 firmware. Have been working for 3 years. Creating another SSID without spaces but identical in every other aspect and clients can connect just fine. Does not affect all devices but Windows specifically, maybe Dell, maybe Intel chipsets. It's very strange. I've had 2 different networks with 2 different SSIDs go belly up. Opened a ticket, ended up not getting resolution other than to change the SSID to something that doesn't have spaces. 

Here to help

Appliance: MX64W

Current version: MX 15.42.1

SSID Name: "The Real Prodigy"


No issues at my end. Windows, MAC, Android, Garmin, Nintendo Switch... all are connecting flawlessly.



Found this:


Check out the "Test an SSID with Minimal Configuration Settings" section. You may try that out to see if the issue with the SSID itself, or DNS (Section: Clients not Getting Internet Connectivity).


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