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SSID Password Change

Hey all,


Is there a way to change the password of all the SSIDs I have altogether?


I have multiple sites with multiple Cisco Meraki wireless access points. When it's time to change the password for each SSID, I don't want to have to go into each individual site's SSID and manually change the password every time.


Thanks in advance.

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Use a template 

Kind of a big deal

Another way of doing it, without migrating your networks to a template is the API:!update-network-wireless-ssid

Kind of a big deal

@Shadius : To change the password of an SSID in the Template. You need to first grab the config Template ID using (!get-organization-config-templates)

Once you have the template for which you want the SSID password to be changed, fetch the "SSID number" (!get-network-wireless-ssids  ) 

Use the "SSID number" along with the necessary password parameters and pass them in a PUT request to update it as you need. This would update it for all the networks bound to that particular template!update-network-wireless-ssid )


This is good to get the template and then change the SSID on the template via API call. 

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Kind of a big deal

Trying doing a Google for a script.  I tried "Meraki script psk change", and found this Powershell version. 


I haven't used it myself or checked it.  But I bet you can find something someone has written to do this.

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