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SNMP Inventory details



i am trying to collect inventory data from Meraki Access points. Items such Model, name, OS version, mac address, serial number and ip address.


Running an snmpwalk only shows the name, Device Description and the mac address, and I do not see any other information that I need to collect for inventory. At the end of the snmpwalk, it shows this message and I am curious if there is a command that needs to be run on the Access Points to display other information "

IF-MIB::ifAlias.3 = No more variables left in this MIB View (It is past the end of the MIB tree)"
Anyone has run into this before?





Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I would suggest that using the Dashboard API is a much better way to get this kind of information, moving forward.   I doubt there will ever be any additional information made available through the SNMP MIB.


This particular tool might really help:   uses the API to pull data (including about Meraki APs) into Google sheets: 


@GreenMan, I forgot to add that this will be to automate the inventory of items in our monitoring tool. Currently we get all the information we need for meraki switches via snmpv3. Creating a template to collect the information needed via snmp is relatively easy compared to trying to create multiple steps to calls to get the organization ID, network ID, and device status for each network ID. The google sheet looks amazing though


We have few hundred Cisco cloud APs, we had an issue before where we reached the limit of api calls and it was causing issues when logging into the dashboard for our organization.

OK - as I mentioned, I'm afraid there's little chance of there being any further development into info via SNMP.

Are you using the SNMP option which polls the Meraki Dashboard as a single entity, for all Meraki devices in an Organization - of have you tried polling devices directly? (which is also supported)


API is the way of the future and not just for Cisco Meraki, I would say.   Note that the calls which @Phil shouted up are both Org-wide: you get all the info pertaining, with a single call, covering all devices in an Organization - rather than needing to collect a list of all devices with an initial call, then iterating through that with a separate call, for each one.


Meraki have been looking to increase the number and variety of similar calls, where possible, as one way of reducing the number of calls required to gather useful info.

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)

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