Re-authentication to Guest Wifi with PSK

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Re-authentication to Guest Wifi with PSK

The guest wireless SSID in our environment is a standard PSK with a splash page. We change the PSK once a month.


The past couple of times that we have changed the PSK, we've seen the following with some users - they would enter the new PSK, authenticate successfully, click through the splash page, and have access to the internet. However, they would then roam from one AP to another and would then be prompted to re-enter the PSK. This happens across platforms - users with an Android phone or an iPhone seem to have the same behavior.


Once they enter the PSK a second time, the client then stays connected to the SSID without issue. 


Any thoughts about why this would occur? The client timelines in the dashboard show typical behavior - one of them appeared to stay connected to a single AP while another showed it roamed over a handful of APs within the network.

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