Possible to limit device visibility to individual AP's?

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Possible to limit device visibility to individual AP's?

Hi there,


We are beginning to roll out Google Chromecast devices to our conference rooms, but would like to enforce some level of security when connecting. Since Chromecast does not offer a pin code lock like Apple TV's, we've had to look outside the box for a solution.


Is it possible to limit a device's network visibility/availability to an individual Meraki AP? We are hoping this is possible as a means of ensuring the user is located close by when connecting, preventing them from accidentally connecting from a different room. If this is not possible by AP, is it possible to limit by Network (floors in our current set-up)?


Would love some insight on this if anyone has experience in securing these devices on a Meraki network!

Kind of a big deal

Chromecast is accessible to anything in the same layer 2 (aka VLAN) domain. You would need to put the SSID used by Chomecast into a separate VLAN.

That's correct.

I guess what I would like to know is more specific to the Meraki system. Is it possible to limit a device to only be able to be seen by other devices on the same AP, Chromecast or otherwise? Essentially isolate the device to the specified MR AP.
Kind of a big deal

I haven't done it myself, but you should be able to go to:
Wireless/Firewall & traffic shaping

And create rules limit traffic to the Chromecast IP address.
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