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Point in time Alerts



I'm trying to troubleshoot some issues in high density Wi-Fi.


I'm a little unsure of events and alerts.


For instance. We found non Wi-Fi interference with a spectrum analyser.

Definitely causing an issue - so we had to remove those channels from the channel plan.

Meraki dashboard - silent in all ways on this.

Even though there are events in the log (I have never seen any logged).


The other one, I see the yellow alert (or alerts beta popping up) from time to time.

This seems like a useful thing.

But it only seems to be active at a point in time.

I.e. I've seen this for STP errors on a switch port.

I can't go back and see historical log of alerts over time.. (i.e. at a time when someone reported an issue vs right now).

So some of these alerts, only seem to be visible at the time.


Am I missing something here?





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