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Pixel 2 XL Issues with Meraki MR52 and MR74 (Disconnecting)


Pixel 2 XL Issues with Meraki MR52 and MR74 (Disconnecting)

Hey everyone!


A few of our clients here are having some issues with the following phones:

iPhone X

Pixel 2 XL


I've read several forums mentioning that they may have issues with certain mesh networks; but wanted to see if anybody has heard something specific in regards to Meraki issues.


I hate blaming hardware for things like these, but no matter how many wireless settings I've changed, they continue to disconnect when switching over to new access points.


Thank you!

Kind of a big deal

Re: Pixel 2 XL Issues with Meraki MR52 and MR74 (Disconnecting)

Have you enabled 802.11r?  I would just set it to enabled, rather than using adaptive mode.


I would also set the minimum bit rate to 12Mb/s.


Does the event log have anything logged for one of these disconnection events?

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Re: Pixel 2 XL Issues with Meraki MR52 and MR74 (Disconnecting)

Did you find any resolution with this? I just had an end user open a ticket today about the same reason.


It s a Google Pixel 2 XL, was working fine until recently and now it just keeps connecting then disconnecting every 5-10 seconds


The errors in the log are "previous authentication expired" and then "client not authenticated" sometimes it will show Deauthentication information but most of the time its just 802.11 disassociation.


I am leaning toward it being a device issue, but it could also be something else, the Access Point he is connected to changed Channels frequently, but no where near as much as his phone is doing this.


It was on an SSID with a PSK, and even when the device is Whitelisted, it will not stay connected

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Re: Pixel 2 XL Issues with Meraki MR52 and MR74 (Disconnecting)

so to add some interesting information to this


The user went into Dev settings and found a “Connected MAC Randomization” option which randomizes MAC address when connecting to Wi-Fi networks. 


so the next time he connected, Meraki saw a new MAC for his device and assigned it a new IP address and everything is working fine.


I did nothing to his old MAC address to block anything, any ideas as to what may have happened?

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