Password Incorrect - but open encryption

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Password Incorrect - but open encryption

Hi there, 


Bit of a strange one. I'm testing/pre-setup for a customer. I've set up the new Organisation and network, assigned the AP to the network. 


I've created a private and public SSID (the latter has no encryption). I've plugged it into one of my meraki switches to get a connection to the cloud to download the configuration. I can see the two SSIDs (public  with no encryption). However, when I try to connect it with an iPhone or Android phone it's coming up with password incorrect (even on public SSID). 


I've now added an old MR16 to the org and network and I'm getting the same result. 


Any ideas?




Kind of a big deal

Have you got a splash page configured?

No splash page.


I should also add that I get the "incorrect password" on the private SSID as well, and I'm 100% sure it's correct. I've even changed it a couple times and waited for 30 minutes. 

Any chance the SSID is also configured on another AP somewhere else nearby, and you are attaching to that instead?

Ah, my mistake!


My setup on the office network were blocking the APs marking them as Rogue. Whitelisted the APs and all working. 


Oops, can't believe I forgot to check that.... Thanks for your suggestions though.

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