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Opera PMS



I'm working on a hospitality opportunity and in the solution I added the MR36H, my question is what would be needed to interface their present Opera PMS, 



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Hotel company here. First, my condolences for having to use Opera. What an awful product. You're going to need something like Nomadix or another gateway that is compatible with Meraki and Opera. Oracle should have a list of approved vendors, then you'll have to contact the vendor to see if they work with Meraki.


Unless you're a flag and have loyalty options, there really isn't any advantage for an independent to integrate PMS info with WiFi info. Troubleshooting maybe.

BHC Resorts IT Department

Thanks for the update, one question, which PMS solution you're using that works with Meraki.



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Hi rodeddie , hope all is well !! Opera is problematic and I have been working on solutions for a couple of years , I do have a couple of options that might help . https://www.splashaccess.com/portfolio/updated-micros-opera-pms-system/


Tim Ormrod
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