OpenRoaming support in Meraki Dashboard


OpenRoaming support in Meraki Dashboard

Is the OpenRoaming feature available in the Meraki Dashboard?

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You can see more information about it in



Johnny Fernandez
Network & Security Engineer

He's talking about this:


And I have no idea if Meraki will ever tack this on. It's basically another HotSpot 2.0 attempt and I doubt it will ever fly.

Nolan Herring |

The plans are definitely there:

How to enable OpenRoaming in your network

OpenRoaming leverages the connector and authentication engine in Cisco DNA Spaces. If you’re a Cisco DNA Spaces customer, you already have OpenRoaming available. All you need to do is set up your parameters via the wizard. Once signed up, your network will automatically configure and attach to the OpenRoaming Federation.

Minimum requirements: Cisco DNA Spaces and a Cisco® or Meraki® wireless network.




I wonder if you could already do it today... You basically need DNA spaces to be the RADIUS server for your wireless networks and configure the OpenRoaming things in DNA spaces:

Thank you Brecht, that is the same documentation/url that I found as well.  I am needing instructions on how to "set up your parameters via the wizard".  I read in another article that referenced Hotspot2.0, that these settings were hidden in the dashboard.  We are a DNA Spaces customer and have an active subscription.  I can see the tile for OpenRoaming, but it appears to be in BETA at this time and there is no configuration settings visible.


Has anyone in the Meraki Community or Meraki Support group configured OpenRoaming with the dashboard yet?


Does OpenRoaming in the Meraki product just use the dashboard or does it integrate with DNA Spaces?



Sounds like then you'll have to contact Meraki support, if it does support it but its hidden (they have many of these hidden gems), then you will need to ask them and they can confirm/deny and if confirm, enable it for you 😃
Nolan Herring |

HI there,


You may need to open a support case. Just ask them to enable HotSpot 2.0 for you on your dashboard.




Meraki dashboard now has built in support for turning on OpenRoaming (works with DNA Spaces)

Is a feature that has to be enabled by Meraki support? I've been poking around and can't find anything in Dashboard/KB arcticles. 

The feature is managed from DNA Spaces and you initiate the deployment from DNA Spaces. You Meraki wireless network needs to be on the 28.4 or later firmware. 

Thanks, will look into it. I briefly looked at the setup documentation on DNA spaces and it did state that the Meraki side was "Coming Soon". 


Understood.  That is what I was trying to ascertain.  Has anyone in the community set this up before and who could provide guidance.  Sounds like this technology is just too new at this time (since it is in BETA).  I will contact support and then post back here the response.

Being honest, your probably going to be the very first, and probably only (for a while to come). We would love for you to provide info and report back here on your adventure and how it goes with you etc. Keep us posted !
Nolan Herring |

Did you have any success implementing this please?

Meraki Employee

Hey, jwaasusps 


Currently, OpenRoaming is being tested out for all the functionality internally and is not available for public. We will publish the step-by-step process to enable OpenRoaming with DNAS on Cisco Meraki documentation once the testing is completed successfully. In the meantime, please hold off from contact Cisco Meraki Support. All the dependencies and feature requirements will be documented as we release this feature.

Michael Singer

I can't wait for this feature. Any way we can try the beta? Just throwing this out there. Cisco has an app in the app store for OpenRoaming. Apparently you need this to use the feature.

What does config using DNAS provide that cannot be done inside Meraki dashboard using following doc:

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