Number of SSIDs on 6E MR57 AP

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Number of SSIDs on 6E MR57 AP

Looks like the number of SSIDs that can be created on 6E APs is lesser. e.g. Cisco has published 8.

What is the limit for MR57, Meraki's WiFi6E AP?



Kind of a big deal

Hi @FlyingFrames , The document says of up to 8 SSIDs, but generally, not more than 3 SSIDs are recommended.

Agreed upon that but i need to know the limitation of the AP hardware itself. Has it been changed? Since previously we have been able to create 16 SSIDs on each AP!

Nope, you can create 16 SSIDs yet, but It's not a best practice. 😁

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@FlyingFrames you have been able to create 15 SSIDs per network, not per AP.  This has been useful where you have a site with lots of APs and want some SSIDs to only advertise on a small group of them.  We use this feature at our larger sites and do have over 8 SSIDs, but not that many on any individual AP.  I'd hope the MR57 doesn't limit the network to 8 SSIDs although with iPSK this wouldn't be the issue it once was...


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