Migrating users to a new SSID

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Migrating users to a new SSID

We currently use a PSK solution for our Wireless

Our current wireless SSID  has  no VLAN TAG set  thus using VLAN 1 with a /23 DHCP scope

All of our current are trunked seeing all vlans with 1 as the native.  Trunked to See our Guest VLAN as well.

We are moving to a WPA2 enterprise with Radius.


I am looking for a Best pricatice migration approach.


new VLAN


new SSID. with a TAG on the VLAN

Inherit current  default RADIO profiles.


Basically seeking ease of migration and some heads up with a person who has done this already



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This should be relatively simple. You can easily create a new subnet, VLAN and SSID alongside the old one to configure, test etc.
Then for cutting over users, you can either have them manually connect to the new SSID, or use GPO or an MDM software (Meraki Systems Manager, Intune etc.) to configure the new SSID on each machine.

I would transition some key test users over to the new SSID first and make sure it's all working, and once you're happy with it, push out the network settings to all computers and turn off the old SSID.

The approach will probably depend on the number of users on the network, its importance to the business and whether all connected devices are managed or not.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

As mentioned you can setup more than one SSID on most decent access points, I would do this and test it. If your devices are connected to an MDM you can deploy wifi settings this way.


If you are going with an 802.1x approach the users simply authenticate using their credentials however this would require you having a radius server. 

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