Meraki Splash page customization

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Meraki Splash page customization



We are using meraki splash page to prompt users for credentials to access the internet.


displays by default username and password. However we would like to change the form to display Email and password instead. How can we modify the tag from username to email ?


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You can make your very own splash pages, but you will need to know how to code in HTML.



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Thanks @Bettencourt 

I did create my own splash page. However after inputting email and password on the form nothing happen. I don't know what to add to interact with the meraki Cloud.

<div id="signin_form" class="formarea">
<label for="username">EMAIL</label>
        <input type="text" id="username" name="username">
<label for="password">PASSWORD</label>
        <input type="password" id="password" name="password">
<input class="btn btn-default" id="sign_in" name="sign_in" type="submit" value="Sign In">
            <div class="form_links $MERAKI:HIDDEN_UNLESS_CAN_CREATE_ACCOUNT$">
              <a class="toggle_link" id="create_account_link" href="#">$MERAKI:AUTH_CREATE_ACCOUNT_TITLE$</a>
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You are limited in what you can edit with the Meraki Splash page editor. You cannot change the forms easily as Javascript is limited in the editor. In my dashboard, I see the word "Email" not "Username" in my default splash page, so perhaps it's a language translation?


You have a few options:

1. Add text in the editor to describe what to do for your users. "Please enter your email as your username."

2. Build your own splash page from the open source projects and host it somewhere. Then set the Meraki configuration to use your Custom splash URL. Learn more about this on

3. Buy a splash page from a company like Splash Access.

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