Meraki - Scanning API / Location API


Meraki - Scanning API / Location API

I have a geolocation project in a mall where they use Meraki but for iPhone I'm encountering problems, I believe it's because of Apple's IOS security issue.
I looked in the Meraki documentation and there is the Scanning API / Location API option.!enable-scanning-api
But this API is doing POST only every 1 minute (intervals).!api-version-2-overview/delivery-frequency


Question 1: Is it possible to reduce this POST interval? What is the minimum amount?
Question 2: Is there any workaround where the API instead of sending me, I request informing the MAC ADDRESS and they respond with the information?
Question 3: If there is no way to reduce this range, what is the name of the API that I need to request for the client to release so that I can read the log of the antennas (access point) and I can do the triangulation based on the power of each user and myself with an external tool to do this triangulation of users.


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Getting noticed

It sounds like your use case requires MR MQTT data, rather than API calls

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