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Meraki SSID QoS

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Just wondering if there is a Meraki equivalent to Cisco's WLC QoS Levels Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze in the SSID configuration, otherwise what's the best way and best practice to have the corporate SSID with a higher QoS priority than the Guest SSID?

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Re: Meraki SSID QoS

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Kind of a big deal

Re: Meraki SSID QoS

It's important to understand that the precious metals configurations on Cisco WLC's only define the maximum allowed QoS treatment WMM queue and DSCP value.


In Meraki you can set QoS rules per SSID but you don't have a preset limiter.


The best way to accomplish this is to make one traffic shaping rule on the wireless -> firewall & traffic shaping page that matches any subnet with a custom expression and then choose the correct DSCP value.  You can't set the 802.11UP value anymore but I believe they are correctly derived from the DSCP value.

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