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Meraki Profiling support with ISE integration


Meraki Profiling support with ISE integration

Hi Team,

Few questions on Meraki profiling support for wireless and wired.

In the Cisco ISE compatibility matrix, it is mentioned that Meraki Wireless & Wired devices support full Profiling.

But in the Meraki to ISE integration document, it only supports Radius calling station-id attribute ?? Hence i wanted to ask here if Meraki Wireless & Wired support other probes like DHCP, SNMP, etc or only Radius calling station-id attribute.


Thank you

Shivaprasad Gudsi


Re: Meraki Profiling support with ISE integration

I tend to doubt that it would support other probes.  I think Cisco stretches the word integration a bit in regards to Meraki and Cisco ISE.  The Meraki dashboard simply uses ISE as a radius server, so all you get at the ISE end are radius authentication and accounting information.

That said, I do not use the profiling feature of Cisco ISE, but since there is no mechanism for the Meraki to send other information besides standard Radius information, I tend to doubt you will have anything else to profile off of. 

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