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Meraki Point to point

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Meraki Point to point

Has anyone configured Meraki Point to Point solution for 1.5 miles.

There is Clear line of sight and no cable loss.


Based on range calculators available on internet, seem like it might work but I have not done this distance before, i am looking for someone who has deployed this kind of distance and what antenna they used ?

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Re: Meraki Point to point

This came up for us a couple of times as well, and the problem was more to do with the overall network design. There were some concerns around passing VLANs across the links.


Essentially we were told a MX would have to go at the other end of the link to handle the VLANs as they cannot be trunked across the link.


Luckily for us, it was easy to run a 2km fibre through conduit and use a basic MS switch at the other end.

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