Meraki MR46 can't get DHCP IP

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Meraki MR46 can't get DHCP IP

The company purchased a batch of Meraki MR46 AP.
Since our company's DHCP Server locks the Mac, I specifically bind the MR46's Mac to the DHCP Server and specify the IP assigned by DHCP
After the MR46 is connect to the PoE Switch. The Interface settings are the same, but only one (green solid star light) can be operated. The remaining three display green empty star lights.
Click on the AP. It shows that only the Public IP can be seen, and the LAN IP has not been officially obtained.
If you unplug the one that has been successfully connected to Meraki Cloud, the other three will turn into red empty star lights
I would like to ask if there is a similar case and how to adjust it.
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Kind of a big deal

The 3 AP's that show the green circle with white in the middle are running as repeaters. They are meshed back to TP-A1.

Assuming they have physical lan connections (not just power), you may want to look at the following link for troubleshooting.

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