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Meraki MR + Umbrella

Hi folks,


Quick about Meraki MR and Cisco Umbrella integration: I know of two SKUs that address this integration


  2. MR Advanced (LIC-MR-ADV-XX) and MR Upgrade (LIC-MR-UPGR-XX)


I know both of them are per AP but I'm not entirely sure about the differences, other than MR ADV and MR UPG are newer than UMB-WLAN. Is this regarding the manual x automated integration?


As in, UMB-WLAN is the manual integration which also requires UMB DNS ESS/ADV per user subs, this way I can configure DNS policies in Umbrella dashboard and bring them to the Meraki Dashboard via API.


And MR ADV/UPG is the automated integration which doesn't require UMB DNS ESS/ADV per subs, this way I will not configure any DNS policies in Umbrella dashboard, but can use pre-defined policies only (do we have documentation about this pre-defined policies?) directly in Meraki Dashboard.


Is there any specific documentation that lists the differences, pros and cons, etc?


Thank you in advance!



Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

MR ADV uses predefined Umbrella polices. Details of the policies are noted here.


Full Umbrella integration details are here.


Basically it boils down to the full/manual integration having more flexibility in policy definition, access to Umbrella dashboard, and it can be extended into use with MX networks and dashboard Group Policies.

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