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Meraki MR BSSID MAC Calculator

Here to help

Meraki MR BSSID MAC Calculator

Recently, I have to add bunch of MR's MAC to customer's WIPS white-list. During calculating quite amount of BSSID MAC addresses, I was thinking,


'Why I have to calculate this thing by hand?'


So, I made little gadget to do work for me, and I want to share with you all.

It's very simple and crude little program, but I hope this can help many people who are suffering with MAC calculation.

To run, you need .net Framework 4.6.1.


Executable :


I've uploaded entire code to GitHub with MIT license, so feel free to play with it. Smiley Happy

It's written in Visual using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition.


Re: Meraki MR BSSID MAC Calculator

Good tool!

Thanks for sharing Smiley Happy

Head in the Cloud

Re: Meraki MR BSSID MAC Calculator

Thanks for sharing! Haven't tested it, but it's good to know it's here if I ever need it.

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