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Meraki FedRamp

Does Meraki have any plans for fedramp certification?

Meraki Employee

In progress.  It is a long and involved process, so no timeline at the moment, but it is being worked on and is a high priority project.

Can you say if ... ?

  1. Meraki is pursuing getting their existing Cloud-based infrastructure (which is effectively command-and-control for Meraki customers) FedRAMP certified? ... or
  2. Meraki will be building/offering a new alternative Cloud that will be FedRAMP certified and customers will somehow be able to select instead of the default Cloud?

my organization provides back office support for our clients. Our Client's customers are U.S. agencies (Army, Navy, AF, ). We require to follow the CMMC framework which includes NIST 800-171 and other CyberSecurity standards. We want to utilize Meraki equipment because we currently have a few Meraki networks deployed.  The system fits our requirements and I don't want to look into other alternatives to meet FedRAMP compliance.  Please update us on Meraki's FedRAMP project.     

Is there any news on Meraki FedRAMP?

Any update to the FedRAMP certification process?  Does TIC 3.0 change anything?

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