Meraki AP not getting IP Running as Repeater

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Meraki AP not getting IP Running as Repeater

I have an MR46E that is configured to use DHCP (as the rest of the Network is), but it will not request a Lease because it is reporting in as a Repeater.  What have I missed?  It can Ping the DHCP SVR, yet insists on running in Repeater mode.

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Check your ethernet cable and re-terminate as a test. A common cause of an MR going into repeater mode is that it gets POE power, but there is a bad connection on the data side of the cable. I would start by testing a new/different cable.

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It is reporting as Repeater because it cannot obtain a lease, not vice-versa. 

According to documentation: 


The AP only converts to a repeater when one of the following is true:
The AP cannot receive an ARP reply packet from the default gateway on the LAN which is usually a local firewall or router
The AP is unable to obtain a valid IP address via DHCP


The most common problem: check the cabling.


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