MTBF MR74 and MR53

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MTBF MR74 and MR53

Hi there,

Does anybody know what are the MTBF values for MR74 and MR53?

Thank you

Kind of a big deal

I don't. But if you call support and ask them they will provide them. I have, in the past, asked for these models All values are listed in hours, rated for 25 degrees Celsius.


MR42: 450,000

MX64: 1,273,000

MX84: 925,000

MX100: 389,000

MX250: 336,800

MX450: 336,800



Meraki Employee

@Mike11 All the Meraki APs have an MTBF of 450,000. FOr POE Injectors it is 300,000

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