MR76 & external antenna's

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MR76 & external antenna's



I have a customer who has today old Cisco AP's but with ANT2544V4M-R (installed in a fridge) - I plan to use the MR76 but can I use this antenna on my MR76 ? there is no equivalent on the MR76 datasheet only patch and sector antenna's 


Any idea ?


Thank you



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi thank you for you replay - I see it but only patch and sector antenna's but no dual-band omni with long coax cable to leave the AP outside of the fridge -


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Something to think about - have you considered going to an all-in-one AP like the MR78?  Being so much newer than the old APs - it is likely to provide a lot more coverage.


Having no external bits and being IP67 rated will make it almost bullet proof in a fridge.  It will make washing it down much easier as well (assuming they need to do this for feed hygene reasons).

Hi - thank you for the feedback it could be a good solution - I need just to check with the customer the lowest T° the fridge can go - thx again !

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