MR70 Mounting

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MR70 Mounting

I acquired several MR70 access points to deploy in a cross dock (narrow warehouse with semi bays on either side) that is often open to the elements. Now that I have them I see the mounting plate is very different than other Meraki access points and made of plastic. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mount these to I-beams? On the normal access points I have been buying clams, attaching them to a low profile electrical box and attaching the mounting plate to that but with the smaller plastic plate it does not have all the mounting options.


Thanks for any suggestions.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@DerikA : Did you check this


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@Inderdeep thanks for the response, yes I had looked that over. My concern, which maybe unwarranted, is the lack of options for how to screw the mount down when compared to a normal mount and the mount being plastic. I've been thinking about using small self tapping screws but I am worried about damaging the mount when screwing it into place. Hence the ask to see how other people have been mounting MR70s.

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