MR56 unreachable from the Meraki cloud

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MR56 unreachable from the Meraki cloud



All our mr56s (5 ap) ramdomly lose connection to the cloud since last night.

Our other ap (mr33) are not impacted.

I restarted them but still the same....

Do you also have the problem?


Thanks in advance

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Same Problem here, MR44

All our APs are affected. Keeps losing connection every few minutes


Same problem here. 
Multiple sites in Europe all reporting issues connecting to the cloud. This is for AP, Switches and MXs. 
On the phone waiting to speak to Meraki support

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Same Problem here all MR36, MR46, MR46E, MR55 are affected saying "no connectivity".

But all MR42, MR42E, MR33, MR32, MR18 are not affected, also all switches are not affected.


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Same issues here MR's keep going offline and online again since early hours this morning. MX ans MS and MV devices are reporting fine though.
I saw this post from Meraki about the issue Dashboard connectivity in Europe region - The Meraki Community 

I'm not currently onsite but are your client devices still connecting to the network ok, and it's just the dashboard that is reporting the Meraki devices offline?  

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Apparently the problem seems solved for me since 15 min !

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Looks like they posted another update 15mins ago:

Update 8:25 GMT Wed 23rd March:


Our engineering team continues to work on this issue as a top priority. 


Scope of issue:


  • Dashboard connectivity to some nodes in the Europe region is affected.
  • End-User traffic is not directly affected
    • i.e. if your device is "offline" from Dashboard, it will still pass all the traffic as it was configured to do so before this issue
  • Some Meraki services may not be fully operational
    • e.g. if you have 802.1x using Meraki Auth, this may not be fully functioning.
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Hi Guys


Also having the same issue, but I see Meraki Engineers are already working on tis



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

And the "Service Notices" community really should be subscribed by every one administering a Meraki network.


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Good Day


Have we had any update on this issue as yet, I have not seen any unless I missed some tread, hope you having a lovely day




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We are seeing the same issue. Not all of our 56s but some loose connectivity to the cloud and go red. Ping is working during this time. @Ciso whats going on with this? 

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